Authentic Mexican Tacos – The Key Distinctions

With time, authentic Mexican Tacos have passed through a lot of innovations in different parts of the world. However, many people, especially the locals in Mexico and people used to of traditional Mexican flavors, don’t consider the variations as authentic recipes. Authentic Mexican tacos have certain characteristics that the variations are least likely to match. This article discusses the same so that you can easily recognize the Authentic Mexican tacos.

  • Authentic Mexican Tacos are soft.
  • The tortillas are of corn. These are not dry and cold rather they are hot, moist, steamy and ready to melt in your mouth.
  • The authentic Mexican tacos never have lettuce, shredded cheese and tomato. Instead they have sour cream. This is because taco is not a ham burger.
  • The common toppings of authentic Mexican tacos include finely diced onion and cilantro. The reddish slices are also used along with whole pepper.
  • The authentic recipes are offered with many fresh limes slices. They are placed all over the bowl. Just squeeze those over tacos and they enhance the heavenly taste.
  • The canned beans are usually used in American tacos as Mexicans usually use fresh beans while making traditional tacos.
  • Authentic Mexican tacos prefer meat, avoiding lots of vegetables and rice.

Just imagine the crispy strips of hot grilled steak squeezed in lime juice on Mexican taco like the one we mentioned above, if you want to have the taste of real Mexican tacos. You can also consider pork meat with the tangy marinade spit-roasted and shaved off paper thin just before it falls and flows on your tacos. Many people now add ground Spanish sausage; well, this is acceptable also. The point is that you don’t need to explore variations of Mexican tacos to have the best taste as authentic recipes retain their own charm, offering the true Mexican flavors.


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