The Most Popular Mexican Food Meals to Try!

Mexico has been among the world’s most popular tourist destinations capturing food lovers and sun seekers. If you have planned for the Mexico trip in near future, you must try the most popular, classic Mexican food meals the country has to offer. This article talks about some of the most popular traditional Mexican food meals that unleash ancient Mexican flavors blended with herbs and spices.


Elote is the Mexican name for corn on the cob, that you will find on almost every city street corner in Mexico. The corn is usually boiled and served either on a stick (to be served liked an ice-cream) or in cups, the kernels having been cut off the cob. Salt, lime, butter, chili powder, cheese mayonnaise and sour cream are then added to enhance the richness and taste.


Enchiladas belong to Mayan times when people living in the Valley of Mexico would eat corn tortillas that were wrapped around small fish. These days both flour and corn tortillas are used and are filled with different cheese, meat, seafood, vegetables, beans, or all these. The stuffed tortillas are covered in a chilly sauce making for an ideal Mexican breakfast.


Guacamole is certainly one of Mexico’s most popular dishes but few know that this classic sauce belongs to the time of the Aztecs. Made from onions, mashed up avocadoes, tomatoes, lemon juice and chilli peppers (and occasionally a clove or two of garlic), guacamole is usually eaten with tortilla chips or can also be used as a side dish.


Tamales originated in the times of Aztec, Mayan and Inca tribes who wanted nourishing food on to carry and eat into battle. Pockets of corn dough are filled with either a sweet or savory filling, wrapped in either banana leaves or cornhusks and steamed. Fillings differ from meats and cheeses to vegetables, fruits, chilies and mole.


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