Mexican Food Product Distributors Expects Growing Market


Mexican foods are showing up on more menus than ever before around the world, especially in the USA. The increasing popularity of Mexican cuisine seems to open new doors of opportunities for Mexican food product distributors. This is because the increasing adoption of Mexican food is helping more and more customers realize how varied the country’s cuisine can be. Few decades back, the Mexican food product distributors in the USA largely used to carry inauthentic Tex-Mex food made with processed or packaged salsas with heavy cheese dose. Today, the eateries across the region are using ingredients from Mexico that effectively satisfy eaters’ growing interest in Mexican food. Thus, Mexican food product distributors are also increasing their scope of service and stocking an endless array of Mexican products.

The fastest growing Mexican food found on US menus nowadays is chilaquiles, which has been on 24% more menu now than they were in last four years, as per the research done by Dataessential. Tacos and tortas are also on the rise in popularity, with menu includes overs the last 4 years up 19% and 16%, respectively. Mexican tacos and other regional street foods are particularly appealing to restaurant businesses since they offer approachability and authenticity to their customers. The Mexican food product distributors who are stocking and selling authentic products are successful as people are now aware of how to check the product’s authenticity and they don’t accept anything less than purely Mexican.

Another Mexican street food that is typically served in Mexico and has high potential for growth is elote, which is also called Mexican-style street corn. It consists of a grilled corn topped with heavy amount of cotiga cheese along with mayonnaise, lime, cilantro and cheese. Elote is a natural appetizer or side dish that is started to be on the menus of most of the ethnic restaurants.


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