The Best Authentic Mexican Appetizers to Try for Cinco De Mayo This Year

Are you planning for the upcoming Cinco de Mayo celebrations and wondering for the best menu items to consider? Does it include an excessive quantity of frozen margaritas and an enough pile of delicious nachos with cheesy dip? Though it all seems good, but you will be surprised to know that you are doing it all wrong for Cinco de mayo. This article explains why and shares some of the best authentic Mexican appetizers for the day.

Cinco de Mayo is the day in a year when people think that it is quite acceptable to eat their weight in nachos and have plenty of margs; however, you won’t actually find such items in Mexico on the 5th of May, just like you are not likely to find any corned beef or green beer in Ireland on St. Patrick’s Day. So, what should you try? Here are the best authentic Mexican appetizers to be specially tried for Cinco De Mayo!


Get these Taco Bell version of the unique chalupa out of your head since these are the real deal. Chalupas serve as an iconic Poblano street food and look similar to tostadas. It’s easy to make too: It consists of shredded meat, salsa, queso fresco and cilantro.

Chiles en nogada

This is the stuffed pepper that is dipped and fried in egg batter and then topped with a rich, serving of walnut sauce while seeds is meant to reflect the colors of Mexico’s flag; red, white and green.

Cochinita pibil

This is one of my favorite authentic Mexican appetizers. These flavor bombs originated from the Yucatán Peninsula, southeastern Mexico. The cochinita pibilis made up of pork’s meat and is cooked and seasoned with sour orange juice, achiote paste, and spices baked in a pit.

Try these authentic Mexican appetizers for Cinco de Mayo this year and double your celebrations.


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