Authentic Mexican Burrito – The True History Behind

Even if you are not from Mexico, the moment you think of Mexican food, the very first thing that will come into your mind is authentic Mexican burrito. Though a lot of other popular stuff like taco, enchiladas etc. is also there, but authentic Mexican burrito bears a distinctive significance. There are many myths about burritos origin but this article shares some of the most authentic historical details.

You will be surprised to know that burritos have not been so popular like chili or taco. Though they originated in Chihuahua, a Northern Mexico state, burritos are categorized as part of the TexMex culinary specialties. Tex-Mex means the dishes developed by Mexican families residing since long in Texas. Burritos are mostly eaten in Chihuahua, as well as in some other states in the country’s northern areas and United States. Aside from Chihuahua, rest of the areas in the country don’t take burritos as a traditional, authentic Mexican dish. Before a burrito a Mexican used to choose tacos, quesadillas with spicy sauce or even a huge plate of enchiladas.

Then, a man named Juan Mendez, who was running a small food business came into lime light. To keep the food warm, he made a big tortilla to roll food in it and then wrapped it with some napkin. The dish turned out to be very popular in the area and few parts in the United States near to the border with Juarez. It was then that Juan started to carry the food across the Rio Bravo to United States, through donkey, to sell and meet the demand of customers in that country. In Spanish a donkey is called burro and the diminutive is burrito. Everyday customers used to wait impatiently for the burrito to enjoy this specialty and that’s how authentic Mexican burritos officially become traditional Mexican recipe.


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