Authentic Mexican Recipes – The Flavors of Mexico

Authentic Mexican recipes are mainly a great blend of indigenous Mesoamerican and European way of cooking, especially Spanish. The staples like beans, corns, chili pepper, tomatoes and rice are the native Mexican foods.

European introduced a number of foods, the most significant ad popular of which were meats from domesticated animals like goat, sheep, chicken, pork, and beef, dairy products such as cheese and different spices and herbs. While the Spanish primarily tried to make their diet followed in the country, this was not possible and therefore cooking techniques and foods started to be fused, in particular in colonial era convents. Asian and African influences were also there into the blend during this era, because of African slavery in New Spain and Manila-Acapulco Galleons. Authentic Mexican recipes are famous all over the world now because of their unique taste and fusion of ingredients.

Authentic Mexican recipes are enriched as any other country cuisine, such as Italy, Japan, France and China. It is made mostly with native ingredients of Mexico and those introduced by Spanish, with some new influences. Along with staples like chili pepper and corn, native ingredients also include squashes tomatoes, vanilla and cocoa and the ingredients not commonly used in other types of cuisines, like edible flowers, vegetables like papaloguilite and huauzontle or small criollo avocados, whose skin is also edible.

European ingredients include cheese, beef, chicken, spices, pork, herbs and some fruits as well. Tropical fruits like sapote, guava, and pineapple. Mangoes, cherimoya and banana are poplar, especially in the south and central Mexico. Though a number of new ingredients has also been added with time, yet the basis of the food is still beans and corns, with chili pepper as a native seasoning. Mexican cuisine is now readily available in many parts of the world, however, not all are based on authentic Mexican recipes.


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