Mexican Food Products Evolution

Do you that cheese is the crucial ingredient to be used in Mexican food products? Cheese like chile relleno is one of the highly popular form of cheese used in Mexican food products and meals. The attitude of American consumers regarding Mexican food products certainly have evolved in late 1940s. One initial Bugs Bunny cartoon demonstrated Porky Pig as a Mexican street seller selling the “hot tamales” that were too spicy to be enjoyed.

Unluckily, for a number of years, that was erroneous American thought of most Mexican fare. This is a far cray from Americans of today, who freely embrace the authentic Mexican food. What brought this change in their attitude? Will the demand for the Mexican food continue or will it be evolved into something new and quite different?

Mexican ingredients are the key elements of the cuisine that has made chili quite popular and successful menu. The growth of real Mexican ingredients has enabled great innovation in restaurants of America throughout. Just think of how fast the products like chipotle, cilantro, poblano, masa and ancho have become the part of mainstream Mexican dining. One major reason that foods of southern neighbor were not well recognized in American menu was the era before in late 1980s, when most of the American chefs were unaware of the real and authentic Mexican cuisine.

Few, if any, popular chefs had worked in Mexico. Even fewer of them had studies there. It would take a stream of trends, and some key bar setters, to change these perceptions. May be, the first American chef to break the ice was Rick Bayless, the owner of the popular Frontera Grill located in Chicago.Bayless was a visionary. He lived, studied cooking and worked in Mexico when most of the Americans were unknown about south of the border.


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