Authentic Mexican Appetizers Made Easy

Authentic Mexican appetizers are not limited to burritos and tacos. It has accommodated a lot of variations just like any cuisine, through you might not know if you have eaten Chilli’s or Taco bell. The authentic Mexican appetizers in coastal regions are mostly based on sea food, while in the northern areas, the cow is the key source of meat. Some places have tropical flavors like mango, papaya, yucca and peppers. Other regions in Mexico have a range of mole sauces. Where the Tex-Mex is confined to comparatively tight coral of dishes, the authentic Mexican appetizers are available in a wide-open range. This article talks about some unique appetizers in Mexico.

A lot of cuisines belonging to various countries have shrunk k from soups and stews and authentic Mexican cuisine is no exception. Posole, a warm mixture of hominy, pork, chicken broth and green chilies, belongs to every cook’s list. Everybody loves meatballs, and albondigas brings the most outstanding combination i.e. meatballs and soup. A lot of cuisines thrill to bits of bread in their soup — like dumplings. In Mexico, soups are often sprinkled with shredded tortillas, giving you the suitably named tortilla soup.

Mexican style noodle casserole consists of fried pasta named fideo, which adds heft to a mix of broth, meat, vegetables, and cheese, all baked together until bubbly. Corn tortillas are mostly found in the Mexican pantry, and they are often combined with the chilaquiles con pollo, or tortilla casserole having chicken breast.

Mexican style chicken is often slathered in adobo sauce and stewed, grilled with chilis, baked with mole sauce, and then added to everything: tacos, burritos, enchiladas, and more. Chicken mole offers a lot of variations across Mexico. In the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexican chicken is marinated in banana, herbs, citrus, and spices, and then grilled.


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